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Heather & Scott

Heather and Scott's wedding invitations have finally been sent! Their fall wedding will take place in Charleston on October 4th. The main inspiration of their invites was the Cooper River Bridge, which will be the highlight view at the reception. Not only is this landmark a solid mark of beauty, it also symbolizes their big day as they bridge their lives together.

"I am extremely happy with the work done by P&J Invitations. The whole process, from initial conception, design, to printing and the most exciting part for me stuffing and mailing (because they did the work for me!) was a delight. Not only was the design high caliber but also the work relationship. Thank you both for a job well done!"- Heather Bunting Yavaliollah

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Amanda said...

Love these! Y'all did such a great job!

Amanda Bunting Comen